Information & Introduction

AKKO Property Coverage Solutions

The Quick

AKKO offers comprehensive protection plans you can provide to your customers including phone protection, laptop/tablet protection, and their unique all-inclusive multi-device protection, the “AKKO Plan.”

Step 1:
Click “choose a plan” button and select a coverage option for one of your customers.

Step 2:
Explain the coverage details and let the customer know the cost for different plan options.

Step 3:
Register the customer for a plan by typing in their information and credit card number then putting in your store’s phone number so your referral can be tracked.

Step 4:
The customer receives a text message with information to activate their coverage and login.

Step 5:
You get paid a referral fee for their sign-up and the customer is incentivized to return to you for any future repairs. Payouts are made at the close of every month for all sales from the prior month.

Who is AKKO?

AKKO is changing the way people protect their stuff. Their flagship AKKO Plan is a one-of-a-kind protection plan that protects all your items for (1) affordable monthly rate against Accidental Damage & Theft.

AKKO also offers individual device protection plans for Phone, Laptop, and Tablets  which you can sell to your customers to help them get great affordable coverage, and help you increase your business by being the only repair shops recommended by AKKO to its customers for repair claims.

AKKO was also recently Rated #1 protection option by

How does this work?

We’ve made the process as simple as possible for you and your customers.

From this website,  just click “Choose a Plan” if you aren’t already on the main page.

Choose from the coverage plans available and all information on the coverage is presented on each page for you to learn and also share with your customers.

Hit “Sign Up” for the plan you want and put in your customer’s info and card #. Then they’ll receive an SMS with instructions on activating their coverage! 

No paperwork. No physical inventory. No hassles. AKKO takes care of it all and you collect a referral fee for each sign-up you bring in.

AKKO Plans

The AKKO Plan is an all-inclusive protection plan that a customer can add their 1 Phone + 25 other items to for full protection against Accidental Damages & Theft. Customers can add all their personal electronics, and other personal items like their music instruments, cameras, and sports/outdoor gear.

The AKKO Plan was rated #1 Phone Insurance by because of its amazing comprehensive coverage and value.

It’s $15/mo, with $29 – $75 deductibles for phones (exclusively for Repairs First) and $99 deductibles for any other item and any claim, damage or theft. For any students (all the way up through grad school) the rate is only $12/mo and with $49 deductibles. 

There’s also a $2,000 limit per claim, so it’s great for more expensive phones and can still cover a large range of other devices and items. Learn more about the AKKO Plan here >>

Phone Protection

Our Phone protection plans protect against all Accidental Damage & Theft as well. All phones are eligible, any brand, new/used, unlocked/any carrier, refurbished etc.

The deductible for lower cost and older model phones is only $29 – $49 when customers come to a Repairs First location for their repair. The deductible for other phones is $75 including for replacement claims and theft. 

Laptop/Tablet Protection

Laptop/Tablet plans also protect against all Accidental Damage & Theft. With options to protect $250 – $1,000 value devices.

These plans are the same cost for each value of device whether protecting a laptop, tablet, or chromebook. Simple.

The AKKO Platform

After signing up for any protection plan, customers receive a text message with information on activating their plan and logging into their account on the AKKO Platform.

From here, they’ll add their items and their information into their account along with photos of each item.

AKKO handles all aspects of the protection, billing, claims, and customer service. 

When a customer files a claim, they get recommended to their nearest Repairs First location to get their stuff fixed!